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Streak free window cleaning!

Try not to freak out but the smell of Windex can actually be harmful to you and your family. Chemicals in many cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds. This means that when products like Windex are sprayed they become small particles that are easily inhaled. Such symptoms as headaches, eye and/or throat irritations. Dry or roughened hands or even nausea can be included in possibilities when using Windex. Asthma attacks or allergic reactions can also occur. Chronic effects are those long term effects such as cancer chemicals that can affect the unborn.


  • Indoor air is often to five times more contaminated that outdoor air.

  • Childhood asthma has nearly doubles in the last 20 years and some cleaning products and said to be the case of this.

  • The average home contains 25 gallons of hazardous chemicals, a major portion of this can be found in household cleaning products.

  • In 1999, 92% of all poisoning occurred in the home.

  • Cleaning products are involved in 11% of poisoning exposure in childrem under 6 years of age.

So let's go green! Don't you think?

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